EXSOUNE Co. is a Textile auxiliary producer and Spandex feeder machine manufacturer for staple fiber spinning (Ring) and continuous filament Texturizing machines. EXSOUNE Co. was established in 2006 for developing and producing textile auxiliaries. From the very beginning, EXSOUNE Co. presented its own novel products by using its experienced engineers and introduced itself as a creative and dynamic company in the market.

EXSOUNE Co. is based on researching and developing novel products according to new technology to accomplish this, EXSOUNE Co. is fully equipped with a state of the art laboratory and stays current with industry trends to improve the quality of products and find various alternatives for producing and ultimately increase customer’s satisfaction.

In 2009 EXSOUNE Co. started a new project for researching and designing Spandex feeder machine that is used for combining staple fiber yarn with Spandex yarn during the production of staple fiber yarn in a Ring frame machine as well as combining Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) on a Texturizing machine.
EXSOUNE Co. presented its pilot machines in 2010 and when these machines met all the requested functions, EXSOUNE Co. started to manufacture these machines in mass production. Now EXSOUNE Co. proudly presents Spandex feeder machines for a range of Ring spinning machines and Texturizing machines. R&D department of EXSOUNE Co. continuously looks for the newest technology, raw materials and accessories for analyzing and present noveling textile auxiliaries and upgrading Spandex feeder machines.