EXSOUNE Co. is a Textile auxiliary producer and Spandex feeder machine manufacturer for staple fiber spinning (Ring) and continuous filament Texturizing machines. EXSOUNE Co. was established in 2006 for developing and producing textile auxiliaries.


They are designed for texturing machines and can be installed on BARMAG, RIETTER, ICBT, RPR and HIMSON machines.
In these machines, in order to control as much as possible the stretch yarn and spandex yarn and increase the production efficiency and reduce waste corresponding to each position of the texturing machine, a separate motor for feeding spandex yarn (Lycra) and a sensor to control spandex yarn are considered.

Air Covering

Spandex yarn feeder model KSE 22 series, which is designed for Rewinder machines.
In this model, for each position of Rewinder machines, a separate motor and a sensor are provided for feeding and controlling Spandex yarn (Lycra), which are connected to the Rewinder cutter by means of a control circuit. It is noteworthy that by installing the spandex yarn feeder on Rewinder machines, it is possible to combine the stretched yarn with the spandex yarn with the help of Jet Intermingel, just like air covering machines.

Spandex yarn feeding machine