KSE 14 spandex yarn feeding machine

They are designed for texturing machines and can be installed on BARMAG, RIETTER, ICBT, RPR and HIMSON machines. In these machines, in order to control as much as possible the stretch yarn and spandex yarn and increase the production efficiency and reduce waste corresponding to each position of the texturing machine, a separate motor for feeding spandex yarn (Lycra) and a sensor to control spandex yarn are considered.


They are controlled by an electronic board (SMD) and are compatible with sensors and cutters of the texturing device. EXSOUNE company has used die-cast molds in order to increase the quality and efficiency of the consumable parts in these machines, which ensures the increase of the life of the parts, including the bearings and the related bearings. Cutting of special consumable parts in these machines has been done with the help of laser, which in addition to very high accuracy in cutting and manufacturing parts, has facilitated the repair and service of machine parts.


It should be noted that all non-metallic parts used in these machines are made of polyamide, which are made with the help of special molds to ensure the quality, dimensional stability and efficiency of the parts as much as possible. In order to be more accurate in manufacturing and easy to assemble and service the components of Lycra Feeder machine, the consumable parts of this machine have been machined with the help of CNC machines.


Design, manufacture and use of keys and touch alarms (Finger touch) is another advantage of designing and manufacturing the new generation of Lycra Feeder machines of EXSOUNE company, which in addition to increasing the efficiency and longevity of these parts, much easier operation than the usual keys in They have a market (User friendly). A very important point in the design of Lycra Feeder machines of EXSOUNE company is that the main repairs and necessary services of these machines have been tried to be applicable while the machine is operating, so all the relevant electronic boards can be accessed during the operation of the machine and without stopping. The machine performed major electronic and mechanical repairs. Increasing production efficiency and ease of repair, service and maintenance of these machines are part of the new design benefits of EXSOUNE lacquer feeder machines.