Reactive washing agent

EXSOPAL CDI is a low-foam soaping auxiliary which is specially formulated for washing the dyed and printed Cotton or Rayon fabric with Reactive dyestuffs. EXSOPAL CDI has excellent dispersing and detergent properties so it can remove unabsorbed and hydrolyzed Reactive dyestuff from dyed or printed fabric and keep them in the dispersion phase until the end of the washing process and inhibit of the staining fabric by these dyestuffs.
The presence of solvent in the EXSOPAL CDI formulations increases its detergency property and makes it capable of removing hydrolyzed dyestuff that is absorbed on the surface of the fabric.
EXSOPAL CDI is also used as a levelling agent for nylon and wool dyeing with acidic and metal complex dyestuff, it performance at the beginning of the dyeing process is as a retarder and prevents the drastic absorption of dyestuff and improves evenness dyeing.

Reactive washing agent
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